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The rose is undisputedly the world’s favourite and most popular flower. Species roses have adorned the wild regions of the northern hemisphere for more than 35 million years, and since man’s intervention and the beginning of hybridizing, they now adorn almost every corner of the globe. Rose lovers are everywhere. Rose societies have been started worldwide for like-minded people to show off and wax lyrical about their pride and joy. From Iceland to New Zealand, from Mongolia to Uruguay, and from Pakistan to South Africa, people get together to talk about and enthuse over roses. Some, like us at Roses and Friends, are living the dream of their addiction by being with roses every single day! How lucky are we?!

Roses and Friends is a small, specialist rose agency and consultancy run from a 5-acre property on the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. It started life, developed from one man’s addiction to roses, as a small hobby business in the northern suburbs of Melbourne in June 1994, before moving to its current location in April 2005. Here, a display garden is slowly taking shape, showing off every class of rose from the original wild, species roses to the latest modern hybrid offerings from around the world. Visitors can see first hand exactly how their roses can grow, and get advice from the proprietors who have over 80 years experience with roses between them.

Since the move to New South Wales, Roses and Friends has become the agent for seven international rose breeders, and a member of the Rose Introducers of Australia (RiAus), offering brand new varieties every season, as well as re-introducing older, heritage varieties of historical significance, and helping local amateur rose breeders by introducing the best of their new Australian roses.

Own-root roses are grown on site, while most budded stock is grown for us by a select number of Australia’s finest commercial, wholesale growers. All plants offered are potted, but the supply of bare-rooted roses can be arranged. We also offer related services, such as rose garden design, rose selection, rose planting and pruning, and consulting on all things rose.

Contact us for further information, or for any questions you might have about your roses.



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