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NEW RELEASES 2014 - 2015

The Witching HourLIGHT MY FIRE
Here is a wonderful new modern shrub rose from Chris Warner in the UK, bringing an unprecedented disease resistance to the genus. It produces large clusters of small to medium, single, bright red blooms with a silvery reverse and a pale yellow eye that ages to white then  pink. These cover the bush throughout the season. The lush, mid to dark green,  glossy foliage resists disease better than most modern shrubs, and the rose was duly rewarded with a silver medal at the 2011 National Rose Trials in Adelaide. As a stand-alone specimen it makes a wonderful garden shrub, but is an ideal variety for use in landscaping, the mass planting giving a stunning effect. 1.3m x 2m.

A new modern shrub rose  is this stunner from Chris Warner in the UK. A tall shrub or pillar, it produces large, double, deep lemon yellow blooms which pale towards the outer petals. They come both singly and in large, open clusters. The blooms have a delicious, if somewhat moderate spicy fragrance. The disease resistance of the dark green semi-glossy foliage is excellent. The rose is named for our faithful companion Gypsy, a beautifully placid German Shepherd, now in her 14th year, and loved by all our customers and visitors whom she meets and greets as they arrive. A rose worthy of a back-of-the-border situation in any garden.  2m+ x 1.5m.

Royal WelcomeTAHLIA
A tall growing  floribunda rose bred and introduced by leading Australian amateur rose breeder Richard Walsh. It has large, double, hybrid tea style blooms in a deep rosy pink with a creamy centre and a yellow reverse. They are generally produced in small clusters, have a moderate fragrance, and are set amongst medium to dark green matt foliage. 1.6m x 1.2m.


Another new shrub rose from Chris Warner producing clusters of large, double, open , cupped blooms in a creamy white with a creamy yellow centre, set amongst dark green, shiny foliage. There’s a slight tea fragrance. Wonderful vigour and disease resistance. An Ideal specimen shrub, with a spreading habit. 1.2m x 1.8m.                     


A sport of the ever popular hybrid tea ‘The Children’s Rose’ (syn. MEItebros; Frederic Mistral) discovered at and introduced by, Nieuwesteeg Roses in the Yarra valley. It has creamy white blooms with a soft coffee centre, both singly and in clusters, and all the attributes of its parent, including the marvellous fragrance and wonderful vigour. 1.8m x 1.8m.

Finally, a purple flowered climbing/rambling rose that repeats! This healthy, robust, but not overly  vigorous climber  from our Chris Warner collection, produces  clusters of small, single, deep violet purple blooms (with the hint of a white eye) throughout the season. The blooms contrast brilliantly with the light-to-mid  green, semi-glossy foliage, producing a marvellous overall effect. Good disease resistance. 2.5m x 3m.
One of the last roses  to reach Australia from the late, great miniature rose breeder, Frank Benardella. This exquisite mini-flora produces warm white blooms of exhibition quality, singly and in small clusters, on good length stems, surrounded by clean, healthy, dark green, glossy foliage. This culmination of a great rose breeder’s work is a must have for the miniature rose exhibitor/connoisseur and rose historian alike. For the front of the border or pot culture 0.8m x 0.5m
Another in our Chris Warner collection, this groundcover rose is covered in the smallest leaves in a glossy dark green. They resist disease very well for their size, and the tiny buds open to reveal clusters of small, single, bright red blooms with a prominent boss of bright yellow stamens. Several plants together remind one of a red carpet, fit for a ‘royal welcome’! 0.5m x 1.2m

Winning an award at the English rose trials for its disease resistance, this modern shrub rose, from Len Scrivens of the UK, is clothed in lush, glossy, mid green foliage set off by plenty of small clusters of medium-sized, semi-double,  cupped, fragrant magenta pink blooms with a silvery-white reverse.  It repeats well, and makes a colourful, healthy variety for the mid-border.  1.5m x 1.2m.                     


The extremely healthy, glossy, coppery foliage makes this new climbing rose from our Chris Warner collection stand out from the crowd. It enhances the large, double, hybrid-tea style blooms, whose colour is a strong, warm pink with a creamy reverse. Their unusual fragrance is a strange and interesting mix of modern rose sweetness with hints of the wildRosa foetida persiana .  The rose is named in memory of baby Madison Moore of Alpine, New South Wales, who tragically saw no more than a few hours of life. 3m x 1.5m

Moonlight Becomes You

Another glorious little rose from our ever-expanding Chris Warner collection. This low, spreading small-flowered shrub produces open clusters of 5 – 8 small, almost single, moonlight yellow blooms that age to white. It is smothered in small, mid-to-dark green, very glossy leaves. It’s healthy and vigorous, and is ideal for group landscaping, or as a low, front of the border variety. 0.8m x 1.5m

Little Honey

This rose from the Chris Warner collection is a miniature-flowered, short, spreading shrub with mid green, small shiny leaves, and clusters of small, semi-double blooms in a soft honey yellow that age lighter. It’s a pretty little rose and suits the front of the border. 0.5m by 1m  

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