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Ali BabaALI BABA (CHEwalibaba)
Here is a wonderful new climbing rose from Chris Warner in the UK, and an exciting new colour in the form. Small clusters of large, double,  salmon orange blooms adorn the plant throughout the season. Just as the colour is new in climbers, so is the fragrance, a blend of spice and herbs, reminding one of nettles. A multi-award winning rose in trials around the world, this healthy and vigorous rose will make a splendid addition to our (and your) collection of climbers. 3m x 2m.

Clea's RoseCLEA’S ROSE (HORluscious)
 A healthy, robust and vigorous shrub from the late Colin Horner in the UK, producing clusters of large, full-petalled, flattish, old-fashioned style blooms in shades of orange, apricot and pink with a pleasing mild fragrance, set off brilliantly by the dark green glossy foliage.  This rose has been selected by the National Brain Injury Foundation, and money from the sale of each plant will be donated to the foundation. It honours the memory of Clea Rose, a young woman  who tragically died from brain injuries after being run down by a stolen car in a police pursuit. It will be a worthy addition to your rose garden. 1.8m x 2m. Clea’s Rose will be officially launched at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in the Autumn of 2012, and, unfortunately, not available until then.

Gardener's GloryGARDENER’S GLORY (CHEwability)
Another award winning climbing rose from Chris Warner, with clusters of medium to large, double bright buttercup  yellow blooms on a sturdy and healthy plant, with mid green shiny foliage. Superb disease resistance and a good fragrance.  An extremely popular variety in the UK, we’ve waited a long time for this rose and now we can finally offer it to you for the coming season. 3m x 2m


A large, well-armed, disease-resistant, award winning shrub rose from the late Colin Horner, with clusters of medium, luminescent deep pink, old style blooms. In mild weather its perfume is very pleasing, and the very dark green glossy foliage contrasts well with the blooms. Rose of the Year in the UK in 2007, and Certificate of Merit winner, National Rose Trials 2010. 1.5m x 1.5m

The Little Milkmaid

Discovered and raised by John Nieuwesteeg, this new addition to the list of quality Australian roses is a lovely, continuous flowering seedling of Alister Clark’s ‘Milkmaid’. Displaying clusters of creamy white flowers, this wonderful shrub is a must for lovers of heritage-style roses and the informal look of the cottage garden. 1.6m x 1.5m

Eyes For You

EYES FOR YOU (PEJambigeye)
This new variety from Peter James in England has come to us via Australian Roses and will also be launched at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in the autumn of 2012. It is an exciting new breakthrough in modern roses, being the culmination of a decade of rose-breeding with hulthemia persica . It is a cluster-flowered shrub, with large,  cupped, semi-double blooms, opening in a pale pink shade, ageing to white, with a purple blotch at the centre of each petal, giving the effect of a purple eye.  A fascinating new variety that is creating a lot of interest worldwide.  It will be available after its release at the show next autumn, but we are taking orders now.




Jean Bach Sisley  (Hy. China; Dubreuil – 1889). This hybrid china rose has medium-sized double blooms in a silvery rose, with darker veining on the outer petals. Continuous-flowering, it is typical of the chinas with vigorous, open growth and rather sparse foliage. 1.4m. x 1.5m.

Thanks to Peter Beales for supplying us the initial budwood.

Pink Gruss an Aachen  (Fl?; Kluis – 1929). A light warm pink sport of the classic ‘Gruss an Aachen’, it resembles its parent in growth habit, stem and foliage, but the blooms are more full with more ‘spiky’, less reflexed petals. 1.2m x 1m.
Souvenir du President Carnot  (Hy Tea; Pernet-Ducher – 1894). A classic early hybrid tea rose with large, double blooms in flesh pink, with a deeper centre, and paler outer petals. Dark green foliage covers a bush of reasonable vigour. 1.5m. x 1m.

Thanks to Peter Beales for supplying us the initial budwood.


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