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Prices for this season’s roses are as follow: 16cm pots will cost $25.00ea. and 20cm pots will cost $35.00ea. Plants in larger containers will cost from $40.00ea., depending on the size of the container and the maturity of the plant.


We will again be displaying our new releases for the coming season with the rest of the RIAus crew here at MIFGS in the Royal Exhibition building in the Carlton Gardens from 29 March - 2 April. Please come and say hello if you have the time.


Roses and Friends use and recommend the Neutrog products ‘Rapid Raiser’, for the beginning of season boost, ‘Sudden Impact for Roses’, as the year round fertilizer, along with ‘GoGo Juice’, and ‘Seamungus’ as a soil conditioner and plant starter. Visit for further information on all these products.

We also use, recommend, and are agents for ‘Healthy Earth Plant Spray’, from Healthy Earth Pty Ltd, a combined foliar food and fungicide. Contact us for more details.


These photos are of a rose that we know as ‘Albanian Kazanlik’, obtained from an Albanian friend of a friend in Melbourne some years ago. It is obviously not ‘Kazanlik’, but it is most definitely a damask, or a damask–gallica hybrid. After some research, we discovered that in the early part of the 20th century, the Russians hybridized some old damasks for their attar production, and we wondered if this could be one of those varieties. Could it be either ‘Krasnaya Krimskaya’ (Red Crimea) or ‘Red Kazanlik’?  Our research has failed to unearth one single image of either variety. If anyone has any ideas, or knows where we can find an image of the aforementioned varieties, please let us know. Thank you.




A new section providing a tempting look at what’s in store for the future. The following roses, yet to be named, will be available over the next few seasons. Enjoy!







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