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Roses & Friends General Rose List 2018/9

Roses vary greatly in size and growth habit of plant, and in colour and form and fragrance of flower. Our list covers all sizes of plant, all flower forms and colours, and many and varied fragrances, so we trust there is something for everyone. The brief description after each rose refers to flower size, form, colour and fragrance, and approximate size the plant can be expected to reach given ideal growing conditions. If there is a rose you would like that does not appear on our list, please let us know, and, if it’s available in Australia, every effort will be made to obtain it

Once-flowering varieties are indicated thus (#), and cutting grown varieties like so (o/r). Roses proprietary to us are indicated thus (p). Australian-raised or discovered roses are marked thus (*). Varieties preceded by an asterisk (+) are sold out for this season.

Species Roses (Sp)
Some original wild roses collected by plant hunters many years ago and cultivated by nurserymen ever since for our pleasure today.

Old Garden Roses (OGRs)
These old-fashioned beauties comprise early species hybrids, gallicas (g), damasks (d), centifolias {c}, mosses (m) and albas (a), most of which are once-flowering varieties.

Heritage Roses
The remainder of our old-fashioned rose classes, including Portland (p), Bourbon (b), Hybrid Perpetual (hp), China {c} and Tea (t) roses, most of which are continuous-flowering, or at least, recurrent.

Rugosa Roses
We have separated these wonderful, highly desirable shrubs into a section of their own, as they are both heritage and modern. They are all tough, disease resistant, prickly shrubs with, in most cases, distinct shiny, deeply veined foliage. Many produce a good show of orange red, tomato-shaped hips.

Old Shrub Roses
Here we’ve included hybrid musks and a few other shrubs from that era, some of which are such large sprawling shrubs that they are often used as climbers.

Cluster-flowered Roses (including Modern Shrubs)
Here you’ll find our floribunda roses, and the newer, less definable shrub and ‘landscaping’ varieties. They come in all shapes and sizes.

David Austin Roses
Well known modern shrub roses with old-fashioned style flowers in many shades and fragrances. A style of rose, becoming more and more popular with all rose lovers, but beware! Some of these varieties become very large plants.

Hybrid Tea Roses
These large-flowered shrub roses need no introduction, as they are the most popular of all roses. Developed in the late 19th century, the hybrid tea has since taken pride of place in the rose world, with thousands of varieties being hybridized. Our collection covers its complete history, from early 19th century varieties to the latest offerings from breeders worldwide. Pre-war varieties are becoming collectors items, and to our minds, should have a place in any heritage rose garden. The few we offer show the date of introduction. We have many more in our garden, and can provide further details on request.

Climbing and Rambling Roses
This group comprises all climbing rose; old-fashioned, ramblers and noisettes, as well as modern and large-flowered climbers. Some are once-flowering (#); most are remontant.

To complement our collection, we keep a selection of miniature roses and some Alister Clark shrubs and climbers, including Borderer; *Kitty Kininmonth; Lady Huntingfield; Lady Mann; Mary Guthrie; Marjory Palmer; Sunday Best; Sunny South.

We have many old and rare varieties in our garden which we find commercially not viable to propagate in quantity, but from which we can provide cuttings, bud wood, or organise custom budding. Please contact us for further information.


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