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Climbing and Rambling

Once-flowering varieties are indicated thus (#), and cutting grown varieties like so (o/r). Roses proprietary to us are indicated thus (p). Australian-raised or discovered roses are marked thus (*). Varieties preceded by an asterisk (+) are sold out for this season.

Climbing and Rambling RosesThis group comprises all climbing rose; old-fashioned, ramblers and noisettes, as well as modern and large-flowered climbers. Some are once-flowering (#); most are remontant.

Adelaide d’Orleans# Medium, semi-double; white, in clusters. Vigorous, to 5m+
Aimee Vibert (n). Small to medium, double, rosette-like. Pure white. Good musk scent. 5m.
Albertine#. Medium, double, muddled; lobster pink, yellow base. Good scent. 6m+
Ali Baba. (syn. CHEwalibaba) An absolutely superb rose from our Chris Warner collection. Large, double, high-centred. Salmon and azalea pink. Good scent (spicy, of nettles). 3m
Alister Stella Gray. (n)  Medium, double. Egg yellow, ageing white. 3.5m
Aloha (1949) Large, very double. Rose pink, deeper, warmer reverse. Good scent. 3m.
Altissimo. Large, 7 petals, cupped; blood red.  Espaliers and picks well. 3m.
Autumnalis. Small, almost double, white, scented. Large clusters. Few thorns. 3m.
Awakening. (o/r) Medium to large, very full. Pale pink. Sport of ‘New Dawn’. 4m+
Bantry Bay. Masses of medium to large, open, informal, soft pink. 3m x 4m+
Belle Portugaise.# (1903) Hybrid gigantea. Very long buds. Very large (to 15cm), semi-double, pale flesh pink (like silk handkerchiefs). In our opinion, one of the most beautiful roses ever created. Early bloomer and remontant in favorable conditions. 6m+
*Blackboy. (1919) Large, double, open. Dark red. Fragrant. 4m
Blossomtime. Medium, full;  soft pink, deep pink reverse. Lovely perfume. 2.5m
*Bright Ideas. (p) Another good rose from our Horner collection. Medium, double, loosely cupped, deep pink striped silvery-white and pale pink. 3m.
*Cecily Lascelles. Large, semi-double. Soft rose pink. 3m+
*Cecily O’Rorke.  Large, single to semi-single. Rosy pink, dark red stamens. 3m+
Celine Forestier. (n) A superb, if somewhat slow-growing noisette with large, full, primrose yellow blooms, often tinged pink, in small clusters. 3m+
Compassion. Medium to large, double; warm pink, shaded apricot. Good fragrance. 3m
Crepuscule. (n) Medium, double, informal, apricot yellow. Fragrant. Continuous bloom. 4m
Crimson Descant. (p) Large, double, open; bright deeper red. Spreading. 1.8m x 2.5m
*Crimson Glory Clg. Climbing sport of the classic old hybrid tea. Large, double; crimson red; sensational perfume. 5m+
“David Ruston’s White Rambler”. (study name)(o/r) Huge clusters of small, very full, white pompoms. Very vigorous. 5m x 10m+.Possibly the American-bred ‘Lady Blanche’.
Desprez a Fleures Jaune. (n) (1830) Medium to large, full, cupped, dull sulpher yellow ageing white. Very vigorous to 6m+.
Dublin Bay. Large, double, deep red,  in clusters. An excellent climber.4m
Duchesse d’Auerstadt. (n) Large, full old style, soft golden yellow. Tea scent. 3m.
Duchesse de Brabant Clg Medium to large, double, cupped. Soft pink. Fragrant. 4m.
Emily Gray#. Large, loosely double; deep buff to ochre yellow. Scented. 5m x 5m
Etoile de Hollande Clg. Large, double, open. Dark red. Great scent. 4m+
Florentina. Large, full, quartered. Brilliant red. To 2.5m. 2016 release.
Fourth of July. Large, semi-double, flat, striped dark red and silvery white. 3m.
+Francis E. Lester. Medium, single, in huge clusters. White, edged light pink. Fruity fragrance. 3m+
+Ghislaine de Feligonde. (o/r) Small to medium, double. Orange yellow, fading lighter. Good scent. 2m x 3m+
*Gladsome. # Small, single, cupped, in large clusters. Carmine pink, white eye. Should be allowed to festoon trees as it can easily reach 10m+.
Golden Gate. Large, double. Strong lemon yellow. Scented. A good Kordes rose. 3m+
*Golden Vision.# Very large, semi-double; pale creamy yellow. Another Alister Clark rose from 1922. Vigorous. 4m x 1.5m
Guinee # Large, double, HT-style. Blackish garnet red. Good scent. 4m+
*Hedgerow Toby.#  Semi-single, white in large clusters; Bred by Sue Mann of Hedgerow Roses, and named for her son. 3m x 4m
*Janet Morrison. (1936). Large, double. Deep red pink. Some scent. 3m+
Jasmina. Large, double, loose. Mauve pink, paling to edges. Superb health. 3m
Jersey Beauty.# Large, single. Pale yellow ageing white. Vigorous rambling growth.
*Kalmiaflora#(p). Discovered here on the Southern Highlands by Pat Bowley in his garden. A chance ‘Wedding Day’ seedling, with the same attributes, and cupped, Kalmia-like blooms. A beautifully unusual rose. 6m+ x 5m+
Kathleen Harrop. A lighter pink sport of Zepherin Drouhin, with all the same qualities.
Laguna. Large, full, old-style, blooms in magenta pink. Strong scent. Great disease resistance. 2.5m
Lady Hillingdon Clg. A climbing sport of the ever popular tea rose. 5m x 6m.
*Lady Medallist.# (1912) Very large, double. Soft pink. Vigorous to 6m
Lady Sylvia Clg. A climbing sport of the 1926 hybrid tea, itself a sport of ‘Ophelia’. Large, double. Creamy flesh, centre deeper pink. Good scent. 4m.
Lamarque. (n) Large, double. White with hints of lemon at centre. A classic. 5m+
Long John Silver. (the rose sold as….) This could be its sister variety ‘Iceland Queen’. Medium, cupped, full; white, sometimes tinged blush. Strong musky scent. It repeats well for us. Extremely vigorous. 4m x 7m+.  
+Madison. (syn. CHEwnuture).  From our Chris Warner collection, Large, double, well-formed blooms in a strong, warm pink with a creamy reverse. Unusual spicy scent. Named in memory of baby Madison Moore of Alpine, NSW, who tragically saw no more than a few hours of life. 3m x 1.5m  
Manita. Large, semi-double; bright pink, pale yellow eye. Excellent apple scent. 3m
Meg. Large,. Semi-single, cupped. Pale apricot pink, dark stamens. 4m.
Mermaid. Large, single, soft creamy lemon; Extremely vigorous. 10m+
Mme Alfred Carriere. (n) Large, dbl, rounded; pale pinkish white. Strong scent. 5m+
Mme. Gregoire Staechelin.# (1927) Large, semi-double. Delicate pink shades. Huge pear-shaped hips follow the blooms. 5m+
Mrs. Herbert Stevens Clg. Large, loosely double. Pure white. Good scent. 4m+.
*Mrs. Hugh Dettman # (1930) Large, double. Apricot yellow. 4m
*Mrs. Norman Watson. (1930). Large, double. Rose pink. To 4m
Nahema. Medium, very full, cupped; light pink. Good fruit and citrus scent. 2.5m
*Nancy Hayward. (1937). Large, single. Cherry pink. Continuous flowering. 6m+
New Dawn (o/r). Medium, double, loose; pale flesh pink. Mild sweet scent. 4m
Paul’s Lemon Pillar.# Large, double, well-formed; pale lemon. Very fragrant, 4m
Phyllis Bide. Small, double, informal. Pale gold shaded pink. 4m+
Pierre de Ronsard.  Large, double, globular. Pink to white outer petals. 3.5m
Pierre Gagnaire. Large, single, open. Blush white. 4m.
Pinkie clg. Medium, loosely double. Rose pink Virtually prickle-free. 3 to 4m.
*Prudence. (the rose sold as…). Large, loosely double. Cerise/salmon. Scented. 4m.
+*Queen of Hearts. (1920). Large, double, cupped. Deep rich pink. Fragrant. 4m.
Red Pierre. Large, double, cupped deep red. Good pillar variety. 3m x 1.5m
Renae. Small to medium, double. Warm pink. Good scent. Virtually thornless. 4m.
*Ringlet. (1922). Large, single. White, tipped lilac pink. Good pillar rose. 3m.
Sea Foam. (o/r) Small to medium, double, creamy white in clusters. Semi prostrate, trailing growth. Should be trained to climb. 0.8m x 3m
*Shot Silk Clg. Sport of Shot Silk, discovered by George Knight in 1931. 4m
+Silver Moon # (o/r). Large, single; creamy white, deeper at base. 6m+
Sky Tower. Large, semi-double, bright, deep pink. Great on a trellis. 2.5 x 4m
Soaring Spirits. Medium to large, single. White, striped pink and yellow. 2.5m.
Sombreuil. (…the rose sold as). Large, full, flat; creamy white. Good fragrance. 3m.
Souvenir de la Malmaison Clg. Large, dbl, quartered, flat; creamy flesh. Wonderful spicy ‘bourbon’ fragrance. A classic old rose. 4m+
Souvenir de Mme. Boullet Clg. The climbing form of the classic pernetiana, with, large, loosely double, apricot yellow blooms. Some scent. 5m.
+Souvenir de Mme. Leonie Viennot. Large, double. Deep peachy yellow pink, silvery reverse. Strong tea fragrance. 4m x 10m+. A superb large climber.
Sparrieshoop. Large, single, in sprays; warm pink, pale eye. Tall, angular growth. 3m
Spectabilis. Medium, double, cupped. Rosy lilac ageing white. Good musk scent. 4m+.
Super Lass. (o/r) Small, semi-double, purplish-pink with white eye. Wiry growth to 3m+
The Witching Hour. (syn. CHEwsinger) Another gem from our Chris Warner collection. Small, single, purple blooms with a white eye produced in huge clusters. Repeats brilliantly. 3m.
Twilight Glow. Very large, double, cupped; orange-apricot. Good fruity scent. 3m+
Veilchenblau.# A wonderful old rambler. Small, semi-double, cupped in large clusters. Violet purple. Scented. Sporadic repeating. 2.5m x 5m
Westerland. Large, double, cupped; light orange. Mild scent, with hints of clove. 4m
Wild Rover. Small to medium, semi-double, open; in an unusual shade of purple red. Moderate scent. 2.5m
Zepherin Drouhin. Medium to large, double, informal, rose pink. Superb scent. Thornless!! Another classic old rose. 3m x 4m.


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