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Cluster-flowered roses (including Modern Shrubs)

Once-flowering varieties are indicated thus (#), and cutting grown varieties like so (o/r). Roses proprietary to us are indicated thus (p). Australian-raised or discovered roses are marked thus (*). Varieties preceded by an asterisk (+) are sold out for this season.

Cluster-flowered RosesHere you’ll find our floribunda roses, and the newer, less definable shrub and ‘landscaping’ varieties. They come in all shapes and sizes and include the latest from around the world and Australia.

Addictive Lure. Medium, full, old-style. Soft pink, edging to white. Good scent. 1.5m
Afternoon Delight. Large, old-style, double. Apricot and peach. 1.5m
Amber Sun. Medium, semi-double, coppery yellow in clusters. 1m x 1.5m
Angela. Small to medium, semi-double, cupped; rose pink, deeper reverse. 1.5 x 2m
*Annie’s Song Large, double, pale pink and yellow blend. 1.4m x 1m.
Apache. Medium, single, dark red, in clusters. Good health and vigour. 1.6m
Apricot Nectar. Large, double. apricot blooms, in clusters. 1.5m
Aspirin. Huge clusters; Medium, semi-double; white, pink centres. A favourite. 1.5m
Beach Blanket. Small, single, deep pink in clusters. Ground cover. 1m x 1.5m
+Bennelong Gold.  (syn. HORjilly)(p) From our Horner Roses collection. Medium, semi-double, cupped, ruffled. Apricot/yellow. 1.2 x 2m. Released and named for the 150th anniversary of the Royal Horticultural Society of NSW.
Berry Delightful. (CHEwdelight) Large, semi-double, pale pink with maroon eye. 1.2 x1.5m
Beyond Blue. Small to medium, semi-double, lavender. Repeats well. 1.2m x   1.5m
+Blue For You. Large, open, cupped, old purple with blush to white centre. 1.8m x 1.5m
Blueberry Hill. Large, semi-double, lavender. Popular with breeders and exhibitors 1.2m
Bordeaux. Large, full, flattish. Deep red. 1.5m New release for 2017.
Brass Band. Medium, full; brassy orange and yellow. Ruffled. Good rose. 1.2m
Bright as a Button. (CHEwsumsigns). Medium to large, single. Pale pink with maroon eye. A new hulthemia hybrid from our Chris Warner collection, released in 2015. Virtually disease free. Gold medal winner at 2015 National Rose Trials in Adelaide. 1.4m x 2m.
*Brisbane Blush. Large, double, well-formed; cerise-red, silvery reverse. 1.5m
*Carefree Bouquet. (syn. WALcarebou). Large, semi-double; pure white. Spreading habit. From our Richard Walsh collection. 1.4m x 1.8m.
*Cecilia. (o/r) Medium, single, cupped. Peachy pink, yellow centre. 0.8m x 1.5m. Australian raised by Falk Hannemann.
Cera (pronounced ‘Sarah’)(o/r)(p) From our Belgian collection. Medium, loosely double in huge clusters, informal; cerise red. 1.5m x 2m
Chippendale. Large, full, old-style, orange pink. Some scent. 1.5m+
+*Christine Hirst. A new seedling we got from John Nieuwesteeg in 2013. Small, single, white, in huge clusters. Rich yellow stamens. Repeats brilliantly. Polyantha style growth. An excellent, new Australian-bred variety. 1.6m x 2m.
Citron Fraise. Medium, semi-double, cupped. Pink and creamy white. 1.4m
Claude Monet. Large, double, open. Light and dark pink stripes. 1.2m    
Clea’s Rose. (syn. HORluscious). From our Horner Roses collection. Large, full, old style, apricot pink to orange, ageing paler. Tea-scented. 1.8m.
+Coconut Ice. Large, double, old-style. Soft pink. 2016 release. 1.5m
Coeur de Neige. Large, full, cupped. Off white, centre pure white. 1.5m
Colchester Beauty. (syn. CANsend). (p) Large, semi-double, fragrant, candy pink blooms. Vigorous, healthy growth. 1.5m
Countess of Wessex.(p) Bred by the late Amanda Beales. Large, loosely double, off white, with creamy yellow centre. Scented. 1.5m+
*Crinoline Lady. (syn. ‘Memories of You’). Australian raised ‘Abraham Darby’ seedling. Large, double, ruffled, deep rose pink. Good citrus scent. 1.8m
Dark Moments.  Medium, open, ox blood and burnt orange. Clove fragrance.1.8m
Daybreaker. Medium, loosely double, warm yellow, apricot and pink. 1.4m
Dortmund. Large, single, red with white eye. Vigorous, arching growth.  1.6m x 2m
*Dusky Moon. Large, double, cupped. Purple pink, silvery reverse. Good scent. 1.4m New 2018 release from Richard and Ruth Walsh  
Earth Angel. Large, full, cupped. Pale old rose pink. Superb scent. New for 2017. 1.5m
Elodie Gossuin. Large, very full, old style, medium pink.1.5m. New for 2018
Elysium Fields. Large, double, flattish. Orange apricot. New for 2017. 1.5m
Emilien Guillot. Large, double, old style, deep orange. Scented. 1.5m+
Escapade. Medium to large, semi-double; magenta-rose, white centre. Clusters. 1.4m
Eyes For You (o/r) Large, semi-double, cupped, opening soft, warm pink, ageing white , with distinct magenta purple eye. Good scent. One of many new Hulthemia hybrids coming on to the market from around the world. 1.3m
Eye of the Tiger. (CHEwbullseye) Large, single, yellow with red eye 1.5 x 2m
Eye Shadow. (CHEwsumstar) Large, single, red pink washed yellow with berry eye. Awarded a gold medal and best rose in trials at the 2016 National Rose Trials. Virtually black spot free. 1.4m x 3m  
Fairytale Magic. Large, full, old style, pink with apricot tones. Fragrant. 1.4m. New for 2018
Fire and Ice. Medium to large, double, well-formed; red and white blend. 1.3m 
First Crush. Medium to large, informal double, old style. Blush. Good scent. 2016 release. 1.5m
For Your Eyes Only. (CHEweyesup). Another 2015 released hulthemia hybrid from our Chris Warner collection. Large, single, apricot orange with a maroon eye. Repeats well. 1.6m. Rose of the Year in England for 2015.
French Lace. Large, double, well-formed; pastel apricot to white. 1.3m
Gallipoli Centenary. (syn. Archbishop Tutu) Large, double. Mid to deep red. 1.5m            
Garden Delight. Large, very double. Yellow-orange and red-pink blend. 1.5m
Garden of Roses. Large, full, old style, apricot. Soft scent. 1.2m New for 2018
George Best. Small to medium, double; strong red. Large clusters. 1m
*Golden Flash. (syn. WALpimovione). Medium, semi-single; golden yellow striped pale orange. From our Richard Walsh collection. 1.4m.
Golden Wings. Large, single, cupped. Soft yellow. Superb variety. 2m.
+*Gowan Brae. Medium, full, strong lilac pink. Scented. Semi-climbing habit to 2.5m. Australian-raised by Heather Cant, and named for her property on the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.
Guardian Angel.  (syn. HARpresto; ‘Parky’). Large, full, old-style. White. Some scent. Very vigorous. 1.8m
*Gwenlyon. Large, full, flattish and somewhat quartered. Pale apricot. Sport of Graham Thomas from the mid-1990’s discovered by Wendy Crocker of Warrandyte, Victoria, previously thought to be extinct. 1.6m
+Gypsy’s Gold. (CHEwzarb) Large, full, well-formed; deep lemon yellow in open clusters. Good fragrance. Very vigorous. Named in memory of our late and beautiful German Shepherd, ‘Gypsy’. 2m +
Hannah Gordon. Medium to large, semi-double. White with red edges. 1.6m
Heidesommer Small to medium, semi-double, creamy white  in clusters. Impressive vigour, stunning when mature. 1.8m x 2.5m
Herkules. Large, double, cupped, pale greyish lavender pink, Scented. 1.3m x 1.5m
Home & Garden. Medium to large, full, quartered; pure pink ageing softer. Large clusters. Fragrant (of apples) in cooler temperatures. Vigorous, healthy, arching growth. A superb specimen shrub. 1.5m x 2m+
Home Run. Medium to large, single, deep red. Excellent health. Gold medal winner at National Rose Trials 2011. 1.5m
Hot Cocoa. Medium, double; smoky orange, darker reverse. 1.2m
*Impulsive. (syn. WALpimovithree). Large, single; golden yellow, broadly edged orange-pink. From our Richard Walsh collection. A lovely single variety. 1.5m.
Innocencia. Medium, open, white clusters. Landscaping style shrub. 1.2 x 1.5m
Ivor’s Rose. Bred by the late Amanda Beales. Large, full, old style, cherry red; in clusters. Spreading habit. One of our best sellers, and a truly superb variety. 1.8m x 2.5m
Jacky’s Favorite. (p) From our Belgian collection. Clusters of medium, semi-double, light coral pink. 1.5m x 2m. A much underrated rose.
*Jean Galbraith . Sport of Abraham Darby. Another excellent rose from John Nieuwesteeg. Large, open, cupped, apricot yellow. Unfortunately rare now. 1.5m
Jenny’s Rose. Medium, semi-double; soft warm pink painted on greenish white. 1.2m
Joelle Marouani. Large, full, pom-pom like, bright yellow. Good scent. 1.6m
*Joyce Abounding. A lovely mini-flora from the late Dr. Bruce Chapman, honoring his wife. Small to medium, double. Orangy-red and yellow blend. 1m+. A good little rose.
*June Honey. (syn. WALjune). Medium to large, double, ruffled. Creamy buff with hints of pink on the outer petals. From our Richard Walsh collection. 1.3m.
*Kathleen Kellehan. Large, double, cerise mauve. Bred by the late Peter Lavings of Queensland. 1.3m.
Knockout range of landscaping shrubs, including the red, double red, pink, blush and yellow.
*La Fillette. (syn. WALlafillette) Australian-raised by Richard Walsh. An excellent, modern ‘Rosa Mundi’ lookalike. Large, semi-double. Rose pink and white stripes. Repeats well. 1.3m
Laura Ashley. (o/r) Small, single, mauve-pink, paler centre. Spreading habit. 0.8m x 2m
Light My Fire. (syn. CHEwdaybell). Medium, single. Deep, bright red, white eye. From our Chris Warner collection. Silver medal winner at the National Rose Trials in 2011. A superb landscaping rose. 1.4m x 2m.
Lilac Wine. (syn. DICmulti). Medium, old style, double. Soft lilac pink. 1.5m
Little Chap. (syn. ‘Knirps’) Small, full, deep reddish pink. Good landscaping variety. 1m
Little Hailey. Large, double, cupped. Pink, Australian-discovered sport of ‘Pat Austin’.
+Little Honey. (syn. CHEwpatrain). (Mini) Small, double; honey buff yellow. From our Chris Warner collection. 2015 release. 0.8m.
Little Suzie. (syn. HORgopop). From our Horner Roses collection. Small, semi-single, lilac pink to white in large clusters. Good musk scent. Named after the co-owner of Roses and Friends! 1.2m x 1.6m.
Little Wonder. Small, single, white, in clusters. Ground covering habit. 0.4m x 0.6m
Long Tall Sally. Medium, single, cupped. Pale buff pink, ageing white. 1.5m
Louisa Stone. Large, full, old-style; creamy white, centre apricot pink. 1.6m.
Lupo. (Mini). Small, single, in clusters. Deep wine pink. 1.6m Masses of blooms.
Madam President. Large, double, HT form. Blend of pink shades. 1.2m
Maggie. Large, double, cupped, creamy white, lemon centre. Some scent. 1.8m
Many Happy Returns. Large, semi-double; light buff-pink, ageing paler. 1.2 x 1.8m
Margaret Merrill. Medium, double, white, with blush centre. Strong scent. 1.5m
+Martine Guillot. Large, double, white with apricot centres. A magnificent, vigorous shrub to 2m+, which can be espaliered as a climber. A “must have” variety.
*Mary Guthrie. Small to mediun, single, in large clusters. Warm rosy pink. 1.8m
Mathilda. (syn. HORnimrod). From our Horner Roses collection. Medium, double. Bright pink. Thorny. Some scent. Rose of the year in the UK in 2007. 1.5m
Maxivita. Medium, semi-double, orange pink in clusters. 1m.
McLeod’s Daughters. Large, double, creamy apricot. Mild citrus fragrance. 1.5m
Medeo. Small, single, flat; white toned blush. Large clusters; ground cover. Another superb Kordes shrub. 0.6m x 1.8m
Meredith. (syn. CHEwbroadstairs). Large, double, cupped. Creamy white, centre deeper. Good disease resistance. Another from our Chris Warner collection.1.4m x 2m.
Mirage. Large, loosely double; an unusual combination of tan and pink. 1.3m
Moonlight Becomes You. (syn. CHEwbress). Small, single; soft moonlight yellow. Sprawling growth. 3m x 1.6m. 2015 release. Another  Chris Warner rose.
*Moon Over The Falls. (syn. WALpimonroe). Large, single; very pale yellow, ageing to white. A beauty from our Richard & Ruth Walsh collection. 1.8m x 1.8m.
*Mornington. Another variety from the late Dr. Bruce Chapman. Large, double, rosy lilac pink. 1m+
Novalis. Large, loosely double, cupped; grey lavender; scented. 1.5m
Old Port. Large, full, old-style. Mauve pink. Very fragrant. 1.3m
One Love. Medium, semi-double, magenta/mauve. An excellent strong colour. 1.3m
Oranges ‘n’ Lemons. Medium to large, double. Orange striped yellow. 1.8m
Parfum de Paris. Large, double, quartered; rose pink; very fragrant. 1.3m
Paris 2000. Medium, semi-single, cupped. Rosy pink. Good bloomer. 1.5m
Paul Bocuse. Large, full, cupped; apricot ageing pink. Quick repeat. Fruity scent. 1.5m
Peach Profusion. Medium, semi-double. Peach pink, yellow tones. 1.3m
Phoenix. Large, double, old style, warm orange pink. Fragrant. 1.6m
Pin up. (syn. CHEwpinup). Another from our Chris Warner collection. Clusters of medium, loosely double, red and yellow blend. 1.4m. 2015 release.
Pink Bassino. Small, single; apple blossom pink with white eye. 1m x 1.5m
Playboy. Large, single. Orange yellow blend. 1.4m
Playgirl. Large, single, deep rose pink. 1.4m. Good for exhibition.
Pomponella. Medium, pompom shaped, rose pink, reverse deeper. 1.5m
Precious Hearts. (p) (Syn. HORcoexist, Starry-eyed) Another from our Horner Roses collection Small, single, deep red with yellow eye, ageing to white. Named for the HeartKids Foundation, to whom money goes from the sale of each plant. 1.2 x 2m+
Pretty as a Picture. (syn. CHEwpretty). From our Chris Warner collection. Small to medium, semi-single; peachy to light pink with reddish stamens.0.8m. 2015 release.
Purple Glow. Large, cupped to flat, open. Magenta.1.3m
Red Riding Hood. Medium to large, full, old-style; dusky mid red. 1.5m
Renmark’s Rose Large, very double, old style, apricot orange. 1.5m
Rhapsody in Blue. Large, semi-double. Purple. Fragrant. Tall. 1.8m+
Rivierenhof  (o/r)(p) From our Belgian collection. Medium, loosely double. Cherry red, white eye. A glorious large shrub. 1.3m x 2m
Romayne. Medium, open, cupped. Magenta, reverse silvery white. Scented. 1.5m.
Rose Romantic (o/r). Medium, single; light pink to white. Spreading 1.5 x 1.8m
Rosendorf Sparrieshoop. Large, loosely double. Pale pink. 1.5m
Route 66. Medium, single; black-purple, white eye. Clove fragrance. 1.2m
+Royal Welcome. (syn. CHEwsuperpath) Small, single. Bright red, golden stamens. Ground cover. 0.8m x 2m. Another great little rose from our Chris Warner collection.
Sally Holmes. Large, single; creamy white. Large clusters. Great shrub! 1.8 x 2.5m
Scentimental. Large, double, cupped; dark red and white stripes. Damask scent. 1.2m
Scouts Honour. Medium, double; pale lemon yellow. 1.2m
Silver Ghost. Small to medium, single, clear white. Easy care landscaper, with superb vigour and disease resistance. Always in flower.  Another Kordes classic. 1.2m x 2m
Simon Robinson. (p) Large clusters of small, single, rich, strawberry pink blooms. 1m+
Simply Magic. Large, double. Rich pink, in clusters.1.3m  
Simply Sally. Small, single, in clusters. Apple-blossom to coral, with a gold eye. 1m+
Smiling Eyes. (syn. CHEwrocko). Large, single, very pale apricot, purple eye. 1m.
So In Love. (Syn. ‘Pacific Glory’ in New Zealand). From our Rob Somerfield collection. Medium, semi-double, cupped. Rose pink, washed yellow, tan at base, ageing to soft lilac pink. Bronze medal at National Rose Trials 2009. An excellent recent variety.  1.8m
Soeur Emanuelle Large, double, open, cupped. Soft lilac pink. Good scent. 1.5.
+Sonya Rykiel. Large, full, cupped, quartered; rose pink, amber tints. Magic fruity scent of raspberries. Arching growth. 1.5m
Soul Mate. Large, full, butter yellow, in clusters. 1.3m. Sold in UK as ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ where it was Rose of the Year in 2009.
Souvenir de Louis Amade. Large, double, cupped; lilac pink; good scent. 1.5m
Splash Of Summer  Large, double, high-centred; golden yellow with orange and pink overtones and shadings. Some scent. One of our Horner collection and a 2017 release.
Splice. Medium, double, old-style. Lemon yellow. Scented. 1.2m
*Spring Show. Medium, double. Soft, warmish pink. 1.2m
*Squatter’s Dream. A classic old shrub rose from Alister Clark in 1923, with large, single, pale apricot yellow blooms with a ruffled appearance. 1.6m
*Sugar Plum Fairy. (o/r) (Mini) Small, single in large clusters. Bright mauve pink. 1m x 2m. A fabulous Australian-raised variety by Falk Hannemann.
Summer Breeze. Large, single. Bright pink. Good landscaping shrub. 1.8m
Summer Memories. Large, double, loosely quartered. Good scent. Silver medal at 2010 national rose trials. An excellent Kordes shrub. 1.2m+
Summer Romance. Large, double, cupped. Deep mauvy pink. 1.5m New for 2017.
Sunny Rose. Smallish, double, open, pale yellow. Low, spreading habit. 0.5m x 1m
+*Sweet Sarah. (syn. WALsarah). A grandiflora from our Richard Walsh collection. Medium to large, well-formed, double; cherry crimson. 1.5m
Swoon.  (syn. CHEwbluesy) Large, semi-double, cupped. Purple mauve. 1.4m
*Tahlia. (syn. WALtahlia). Large, double. Creamy yellow, broadly edged deep pink. 1.5m. From our Richard Walsh collection.
*Tarrawarra. Another in our collection of roses from John Nieuwesteeg. Small, double, white with hints of peachy blush, in large clusters. Musk scent 1.4m x 1.6m
+Temptress. Medium, semi-double; glowing dark red, on vigorous, arching growth. The best Kordes shrub we’ve grown and we love it! 1.5 x 1.8m
Tequila La Sevillana. Medium, semi-double, loosely cupped; apricot-amber; in clusters. Good flower production like its red namesake. 1. 6m+
Thank You rose. Large, double, cupped. Mauve. Slight scent. 1.4m
+*The Little Milkmaid. A sport of Alister Clark’s vigorous noisette,‘Milkmaid’. It repeats and grows to barely 1.5m. Discovered and introduced by John Nieuwesteeg.
*Titian. Large, double, deep pink. 2m, but can climb.  
Topsy Turvy. Medium, double. Orange, red and cream. 1.2m. A good little rose.
Triple Treat. Medium, double. White to light pink, spathed cherry red. 1.6m.
Tuff Stuff. Small, semi-double; white, pink tones. Vigorous. 1.5 x 1.8m
Versigny. Large, very double, old-style. Burnt orange, paler outer petals. 1.5m
*Victoria Gold. Australian-raised by the late Eric Welsh and selected by the Rose Society of Victoria to celebrate and commemorate their centenary in 1999. Large, double, cupped, ruffled; deep yellow. Loves the heat. 1.5m
White Spray. Large, double, exhibition style. Pure white in clusters. 1.4m
Yellow Angel. (syn. Gelber Engel). Medium, open. Light yellow. 1.2m x 1.8m
Zaide. Large, full, old style, strong rosy pink. Good scent. 1m.  




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