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(#) = Once-flowering varieties
(o/r) = Cutting grown varieties
(p) = Roses proprietory to us are indicated thus
(*) = Roses new to us this season are marked

David Austin RosesWell known modern shrub roses with old-fashioned style flowers in many shades and fragrances. A style of rose, becoming more and more popular with all rose lovers, but beware! Some of these varieties become very large plants.

A Shropshire Lad. Large, very full, rounded; warm mid-pink, yellow tones. 1.8 x 1.8m
Abraham Darby. Large, very full, cupped, quartered; pinks and apricot. Fragrant. 2m.
Ambridge Rose. Medium, cupped, very full; apricot-pink. 1.5m+
Ann Boleyn. Medium, double, cupped. Warm pink. Very floriferous. 1.2m x 1.6m
Brother Cadfael. Large, full, cupped; rich pink, Old rose fragrance. 1.5m
Charles Darwin. Large, full, cupped. Unusual greyish yellow. Good scent. 1.4m
Claire Austin. Medium, double, cupped, off white. Clusters. Climbing habit. 2.5m+  
Crown Princess Margareta. Medium, full, cupped; apricot-orange. Fruity scent. 1.8m+
Cymbeline. Medium, double, blush pink with gray tones. Magnificent myrrh scent. 1.8m
Darcey Bussell. Large, full, flattish; purple-red. Repeats quickly. 1.4m x 1.6m
England’s Rose. Medium to large, rosette. Deep pink. 2015 release. 1.3m
English Garden. Large, full, mixture of honey yellow, white and red. 1.2m
Fair Bianca. Medium, full, cupped to flat, white. Superb myrrh fragrance. 1.3m
Gertrude Jekyll. Large, very full, cupped to flat; deep pink. Damask fragrance. 1.5m
Glamis Castle. Medium, very double, cupped, white. Good myrrh fragrance. 1.3m
Golden Celebration. Large, cupped, full. Egg yellow. Scented. 1.5m spreading.
Graham Thomas. Large, cupped; egg yellow, ageing paler. Tea fragrance. 2m+
Heritage. Medium, full, cupped; light pink. Strong myrrh fragrance. 1.8m
John Clare. Large, full, deep pink. Few thorns. 1.5m+
Jubilee Celebration. Large, very double. Warm pink, yellow overtones. 1.5m
Jude the Obscure. Large, double, globular; soft honey yellow. Intense scent. 1.8 x1.8m
Lady of Megginch. Very large, full, rich pink. Fruity scent. 1.8m
Lady of Shalott. Large, double, chalice-shaped. Salmon pink, yellow reverse. 1.5m
L.D. Braithwaite. Large, full; rich crimson red. Good fragrance. Spreading. 1.2 x 1.5m
Leander. Small to medium, double, flat, soft, pale apricot orange. Vigorous. 2m x 3m
Lichfield Angel. Large, cupped then domed, off white, soft apricot centre, ageing white. 1.6m x 2m
Lilian Austin. Large, double, informal, deep warm pink, yellow  tones. Good scent. 1.5m
Mary Rose. Large, double, cupped, rose pink. Great perfume. An Austin classic. 1.6m+
Miss Alice. Medium, very full; light pink. Mild fragrance. 1.2m
Molineux. Large, full, rich yellow. Tea scent. 1.4m
Munstead Wood. Large, full, crimson. A superb variety. Old rose fragrance. 1.4 m
Noble Anthony. Large, full. Magenta pink. 1.5m
Pat Austin. Large, full, cupped, copper orange, yellow orange reverse. 1.8m
Pegasus. Large, double. Yellow, ochre with white. 1.8m
Princess Alexandra of Kent. Large, full, old style, mid pink, warmer tones in centre. Moderate fragrance. 1.5m
Princess Anne. Large, full, bluey pink, ageing lighter. Excellent vigour and possibly the most healthy Austin to date in our conditions. 2014 release. 1.5m+
Prospero. Large, full,  rosette, dark crimson. Good scent. Likes afternoon shade. 1.5m
Radio Times. Large, cupped, fresh, warm pink. Good scent. 1.5m arching growth.
Redcoat. Large, single. Red with white eye. 1.6m
Sir John Betjeman. Small to medium, double, rosette. Rich deep pink. 1.2m
Skylark. Medium, semi-double, cupped, in clusters. Rose pink, paler reverse. 1.5m
Sophy’s Rose. Large, full. Rose pink to deeper. 1.5m
Strawberry Hill. Medium, double, cupped. Rose pink. Good fragrance 1.6m+
St Cecilia. Large, double, cupped. Apricot pink. Superb myrrh fragrance. 1.6m
St. Swithin. Large, very full, quartered. Soft rose pink. 1.6m
Summer Song Large, double, cupped. Burnt orange. 1.4m
Tamora. Large, double. Soft apricots and pinks. Very fragrant. 1.3m
Tea Clipper. Large, full, apricot, paling to edges. Good scent. 1.8m+
Teasing Georgia. Large, full, cupped; deep gold, lighter edges. Arching growth. 2.5m
Tess of the d’Urbervilles. Large, double; crimson red. Slight fragrance. Arching 1.8m+
The Dark Lady. Large, double; purplish red. Mild scent. 1.5m
The Endeavour. Very large, full, cupped; salmon pink on yellow. Spicy scent 1.5m+
The Mayflower. Medium, double, clusters. Strawberry pink. 1.6m x 1.6m
The Prince. Large, very double, flat-topped. Rich purple. Scented 1.2m
The Squire. Large, full, quartered. Rich red. Some scent. Needs mollycoddling, but results are worth it. 1.2m
The Wedgwood Rose. Large, full, centifolia-like. Light rose pink. Fragrant. Tall, arching growth. 2m+
Tranquility. Large, full, cupped. Creamy white. 1.5m 2016 release.
Troilus. Large, full, cupped, honey buff. Superb, sweet myrrh fragrance. 1.5m
Wildeve. Large, full. Soft warm pink. Scented. Spreading 1.4m
Wildflower. Large, single. Pale yellow, fading to white. 1.4m.
William Morris. Large, full, rosette. Apricot pink, paling to edges. Good scent. 2m+
William Shakespeare 2000. Large, full, cupped, velvet crimson, ageing purple-red. Good old rose scent. 1.5m+
Winchester Cathedral. White sport of ‘Mary Rose’. 1.5m.
Windermere. Medium, double, cupped, off white, centre pale creamy apricot. 1.8m
Windrush. Large, semi-double, pale yellow. Spicy musk scent. Branching 1.3m 1.5m
Wisley 2008. Medium, double, cupped. Airy and fleeting. Soft pink. 1.2m x 1.5m
Wollerton Old Hall. Large, loosely double, cupped. Buff. Superb scent. 2016 release.
Young Lycidas. Large, full rosette. Magenta/mauve. Scented. Wiry, arching. Flowers have weak necks.1.4m x 1.6m



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