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Heritage Roses

(#) = Once-flowering varieties
(o/r) = Cutting grown varieties
(p) = Roses proprietory to us are indicated thus
(*) = Roses new to us this season are marked

Heritage RosesThe remainder of our old-fashioned rose classes, including Portland (p), Bourbon (b), Hybrid Perpetual (hp), China {c} and Tea (t) roses, most of which are continuous-flowering, or at least, recurrent.

Agnes Smith. (t) (ror) Large, double. Pale lilac-pink to white. 1.3m
American Beauty. (syn. ‘Sydney Linton’ (ror)).(hp). Huge, fully double, cupped; rose pink. Exquisite fragrance. Tall, upright growth to 2m+.
Archduke Joseph (t) Sold as Mons. Tillier. Large, full, somewhat quartered, cupped to flat; russet, pink and salmon. Good tea fragrance. 1.8m+
Anna Olivier (t) Large, full, ice pink to soft apricot. Good scent. 1.6m
Baronne Henriette de Snoy. (t) Large, full, informally quartered. Creamy flesh, reverse deeper. Repeats well. Vigorous. 2m.
Beauty of Glenhurst (c)(o/r) Medium, single, deep pink. Vigorous. 2m+
Bon Silene. (t) Large, double, deep rose pink. Scented.  Semi-climbing habit. 2m+
Bourbon Queen# Large, loosely double, cupped; light pink, darker markings. Good scent. Very vigorous growth. Up to 2m x 3m+.
Cecile Brunner White (c) Small, double. White, hints of yellow. 1m.
Charles Lefebvre. (hp) Large, full, cupped. Reddish crimson, deeper shades. 1.8m
Commandant Beaurepaire. (b) Large, double. Deep pink, purply pink stripes. 1.8m 
Comte de Chambord (p) Large, full, rich pink. Superb fragrance. 1.2m
Comtesse Cecile de Chabrillant. (hp) Medium, double, globular; satin pink, lighter reverse. Fragrant. Upright growth. 1.6m
Comtesse du Cayla (c) Large, variably single to loosely double, orange with red highlights. Good scent. Vigorous, angular growth. 2m.
Duchess of Portland. (p) Medium to large, semi-double, flat. Rose red. 1.4m.
Duke of Edinburgh. (hp) Large, double. Maroon red. Erect growth. 2m.  
Francis Dubreuil (t) Large, double, crimson. Very fragrant (damask-like). 1.3m
Frau Karl Druschki (hp). Large, double, high-centred. Tall, thorny. 1.8m
General Gallieni (t) Large, double, muddled. Shades of red. 1.6m.
Gilbert Nabonnand. (t) (sold as Jean Ducher) Large, double, informal. Flesh to peachy pink. 1.6m.
Gipsy Boy.#(Zigeunerknabe)(b). Large, double, slightly cupped; purply crimson.
Good fragrance. Vigorous growth to 2m+
Gloire Lyonnaise. (hp) Large, loosely double, flattish; creamy-white. Good scent. Very straight upright growth to 2m.
Great Western. (b)# Large, full, quartered; purplish-maroon; good fragrance. Vigorous, thorny growth. 2m+
Gruss an Aachen (hp). Large, double; creamy white, with apricot pink centres 1.5m
Honorine de Brabant (b) Large, double, cupped. Pink, striped deeper. 1.8m
Jacques Cartier (p). Full, flattish, ragged looking; soft rose pink. Very fragrant. 1.5m
Jean Bach Sisley (c)  Medium, loosely double, silvery rose with darker veining. 1.5m
Lady Hillingdon (t) Large, semi-double, cupped; apricot yellow. Very fragrant (of apricots). 1.8m
Le Havre. (hp) Large, double, cupped; rosy red. Fragrant. Tall and spreading. 1.8m x 1.8m.
Louis XIV. (c) Medium, loosely double. Dark maroon, shaded black. 1.2m.
Louise Odier. (b) Large, double, cupped. Bright rose pink. Good scent. 2m.
Mamon Cochet (t). Large, double, reflexed; soft pink with deeper tones. 1.5m
Marie Lambert (t) (syn. ‘Snowflake’) Medium, loosely double. White. 1.5m
Mlle Cecile Brunner (c)(o/r). Small, double, soft china pink. 1m
Mme. Antoine Mari. (t) Large, double. Rosy flesh, shaded lilac and pink. 1.5m.
Mme. Berkeley. (t) Medium to large, double, somewhat informal. Salmon pink/cerise/creamy yellow blend. 1.8m+.
Mme. Isaac Pereire (b). Huge, full, quartered; deep magenta pink. THE fragrance! 2.5m
Mme. Lauriol de Barny. (b)# Large, double, cupped to flat. Silvery pink. 2m.
Mme. Lombard. (t) Large, very double. Rosy salmon, with darker and flesh overtones. Vigorous to 2m+.
Mme. Moser. (1889) An early HT with large, full (100+ petals), light pink to rosy white. Superb, intense fragrance. A shy bloomer that needs mollycoddling, but worth it. 1.3m
Mrs. Paul (b). Large, full; pale to blush pink. Fragrant. Arching growth to 2m.
Mutabilis {c}. Medium, single; sulphur yellow, turning orange, red, then crimson. 2m+
Paul Neyron (hp). Very large, buxom, full, cupped; rich pink. Very fragrant. 1.8m+.
Perle des Jardins (t) Large, double. Pale creamy yellow. Nice scent. 1.5m
Perle d’Or (c) Small to medium, double. Soft apricot, ageing paler. Can reach 2m.
Pink Gruss an Aachen (sh) A pink sport of the classic ‘Gruss an Aachen’. 1.2m
Reine de Violettes (hp). Medium, flat, quartered; soft violet purple. Great perfume 1.8m
Reine Victoria (b). Medium, rounded, cupped; lilac pink. Very fragrant. To 2m.
Rose du Rescht. (p) Medium, very double, quartered. Deep pink. Superb fragrance. 1.6m
Safrano (t). Double, reflexed, loose; buff with warmer, deeper tones. 2m x 3m
Sophie’s Perpetual. (c) Large, double, globular. Pale pink overlaid deep pink and cerise. 2m. 
Souvenir de la Malmaison (b) Large, full, quartered, flat. Creamy flesh pink Quelle parfum!!. One of the classic old roses. 1.5m
Souvenir de St. Anne’s. (b) Semi-double sport of Souvenir de la Malmaison. 1.5m
Souvenir du Docteur Jamain. (hp) Medium, double, cupped. Deep plum, shaded crimson. Good old rose fragrance. 2m+.
White Mamon Cochet. (t) White sport of Mamon Cochet. 1.8m x 1.8m



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