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Hybrid Tea Roses

Once-flowering varieties are indicated thus (#), and cutting grown varieties like so (o/r). Roses proprietary to us are indicated thus (p). Australian-raised or discovered roses are marked thus (*). Varieties preceded by an asterisk (+) are sold out for this season.

Hybrid Tea RosesThese large-flowered shrub roses need no introduction, as they are the most popular of all roses. Developed in the late 19th century, the hybrid tea has since taken pride of place in the rose world, with thousands of varieties being hybridized. Our collection covers its complete history, from early 19th century varieties to the latest offerings from breeders worldwide. Pre-war varieties are becoming collectors items, and to our minds, should have a place in any heritage rose garden. The few we offer show the date of introduction. We have many more in our garden, and can provide further details on request.

Adam Rackles. Large, loosely double and informal. Striped pink sport of Mme. Caroline Testout from the 1920’s. 1.5m
Admiral Rodney. Very large, double. Powdery pink. Wonderful perfume. 1.5m
*Amazing Grace. Another Australian-bred rose from Dr. Bruce Chapman. Large, double, exhibition. White. 1.5m
*Amelia (syn. WALamelia; ‘100 not out’; ‘Elaine’; ‘Centenary of Newtown Park’) Australian-bred, from Richard Walsh. Large, double, well-formed; rose pink. 1.5m
Aorangi. Large , double, high-centred. White. 1.5m
Aotearoa. Large, double. Warm pink. Great scent. 1.5m
Ashram. Large, double; coppery orange, paler reverse. Mild fruity fragrance. 1.5m
Augusta Luise. Large, very full, orange, apricot and pink tones. Some scent. 1.3m
Avon. Large, double. Deep crimson red. Good scent. 1.5m
Best Friend. Large, full, high-centred; pink, tinted mauve. Fruity scent. 1.5m
Big Purple (syn. Stephens’ Big Purple). Very large, double; mauvy purple; good scent 1.5m
Blackberry Nip. From our Rob Somerfield collection. Large, double,  magenta purple. Good scent 1.5m. One of the most popular new varieties.
Bonnie Jean. (1933) (p) Large, single, rosy carmine. Vigorous 1.5m
Brigadoon. Large, double, good form; coral red, pink and cream. Good fruity scent. 1.5m
Brilliance. Large, double, good form. Pure white. New for 2017. 1.5m
Chicago Peace. Large, double, pink and orange yellow tones.1.6m
Child’s Love. Large, double, cupped; warm orangey-pink. Good scent. 1.5m
City of Newcastle. (syn. Veterans’ Honor) Large, double, exhibition form; bright red. Slight fruit scent. 1.5m
Close to You. Large, double, good form; light yellow. Good fragrance. 1.5m+
*Coral Poppy. (syn. WALpoppy). Large, full, ruffled, like a poppy; Coral orange. From our Richard Walsh collection. 1.5m.
Dainty Bess. (1925). Large, single. Pale lilac pink, maroon stamens. Can be touchy. 1.5m
Dame Elizabeth Murdoch. Large, double. Golden yellow, flushed orange and pinks. 1.5m.
Dark Desire. The peoples’  choice winner at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in March, 2016. Large, double. Crimson. Good scent. 1.5m. 2016 release.
Diamond Jubilee. Large, double. Buff yellow. Good scent. 1.5m
Dolly Parton. Very large, double. Brick red. Excellent perfume. 1.5m.
Double Delight Large, double, creamy, soft yellow with broad, dark red edge. Very fragrant. 1.5m. An ever-popular rose since its introduction.
Dr. A. J. Verhage. Large, double, wavy petals. Dusky yellow. Fragrant. 1.3m.
Duet. Large, loosely double, slightly ruffled. Light pink, darker reverse. 1.5m
Elina. A superb rose. Very large, double, well-formed; pale yellow to ivory. Extremely vigorous and tough. One of the very best hybrid teas for any conditions. 1.8m+
Elle. Large, double; light pink, reverse orange pink. Nice fragrance. 1.5m
*Emma’s Rose  Large, double; light yellow. Sport of ‘Lolita’. 1.5m
Father’s Love.  Large, double, dark red. Some scent. 1.5m
*Fintona. Australian-raised by Bruce Brundrett.  Large, double, good form; creamy white. Mild scent. Tall growth. 1.8m
Firefighter. Large, double, black red, garnet. Very strong fragrance. 1.5m
+Golden Fairytale. Large, full, old style; mid yellow. Good fragrance. 1.5m
Grand Nord. Large, loosely double, blush pink to white. 1.5m
Grand Siecle. Very large, double, light pink. 1.5m.
Heaven Scent. Large, double, lilac pink. Big fragrance. 1.5m
*Hilton Edward. (p) Medium, double; lavender pink. Very fragrant. 1.5m  An Australian-raised variety from Bob Stibbard.
Holtermann’s Gold. Medium, double; creamy golden yellow. Slight scent. 1.3m
Ice Girl. Medium to large, double, reasonable form; white; some scent 1.5m
Irish Elegance. (1905). Large, single, pale orange-bronze. A good early HT. 1.5m
+Irish Harmony. (1904). Large, single. Soft pale lemon yellow. 1.2m  (sold as “Bishop’s Lodge Precious Porcelain” (study name)).
+Jardins de Bagatelle. Large, full; creamy white, centre blush. Superb fragrance. 1.5m
*Jenny Brown. Large, single. Warm salmony pink. 1.4m
Josephine Bruce. Large, double, open. Dark red. Good scent. Lax growth habit. 1.3m.
Just Joey. Huge, double, apricot orange. Scented. A very popular, classic variety. 1.6m
*Jycinda Maree. Large, double, high-centred; cream with hints of blush. From our Richard Walsh collection. 1.5m.
+Karen Blixen. Large, well-formed, double. Creamy white. Slight scent. 1.5m.
Kootenay. (1917) Large, full; creamy white to pale primrose, centre deeper. 1.5m.
+Kordes’ Jubilee. Large, double, old-style. Golden yellow, edged pink. Sweet scent. A 2016 release. 1.5m
La France. (1867) Large, very double, old style. Rosy pink. Very fragrant. 1.2m.
*Lady Mann. Large, double, rosy salmon 1.8m
*Lauriston. Large, double, great exhibition form. Deep pink, reverse silvery. 1.5m
*Let’s Celebrate. Large, double; soft pink, warmer at base. Fragrant. 1.5m
Linked Hearts (syn. ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’). Large, double. White, hints of pale pink. Good scent. 1.5m
Little Ray of Sunshine. Large, double. Lemon yellow. 1.5m
Madame Anisette. Large, double, old style, creamy apricot. Anise fragrance. 1.4m. 2018 release from Kordes.
Mme. Caroline Testout. (1890). Very large, double. Bright satiny rose. 1.5m
Marchen Konigen. Large, double, high-centred; very pale pink. 1.8m
Marie Louise Velge. Large, open, cupped, blush pink, raspberry stamens. Fragrant. An excellent variety from our Belgian collection. 1.8m
Marilyn Monroe. Large, double, superb form; soft, creamy apricot. 1.5m
*Marjorie Atherton. Large, double, well-formed. Pale lemon yellow. 1.5m
Memoire. Large, double, exhibition-quality. White, blush centre. 1.5m
*Midnight Sun. (1921) Large, semi-double, flat. Deep red. Once thought lost. 1.2m
Mon Petit Chou. Very large, full, cabbage style, in rose pink. 1.5m
Moonstone. Large, very double, exhibition quality. Creamy white, edged pink. 1.5m
Mr. Lincoln. Large, double, crimson red. Superb scent. A classic rose. 1.8m
Mrs. Arthur Robert Waddell. (1909). Large, open, semi-double. Apricot salmon, reverse darker. 1.5m. A parent of the famous old climber, ‘Albertine’.
*Mrs. Fred Danks. Large, double, lilac pink, fragrant blooms. An Alister Clark gem. 1.8m.
+Mrs. Herbert Stevens. (1910) Large, loosely double, informal. White. Scented. 1.4m
Mrs. Oakley Fisher. (1921). Large, single, apricot. Slight fragrance. A superb, very beautiful, old hybrid tea from Cant’s of Colchester. One of our top ten roses. 1.2m x 1.5m
My Choice. Large, double, globular; warm pink, reverse yellow. Old rose scent. 1.5m+
National Pride. Large, double, well-formed, white. Spicy fragrance. 1.5m
Oklahoma. Large, very double; very dark crimson. Intense fragrance. 1.5m
Olde Fragrance. Very large, full; purple-pink. Superb fragrance. Tall. 2m+
Ophelia (1912) Large, loosely double; white with apricot blush centre, and yellow at petal base. Very fragrant. A true old classic in every sense. 1.4m
Papa Meilland. Large, double. Velvety dark red. The best modern rose perfume. A classic. 1.6m
Parole. Extremely large, double, high-centred. Purple pink shades. Scented. 1.6m
Pascali. Large, double, well-formed; creamy white. Reliable. Tall. 1.8m+
Peace. The world’s most famous rose from 1946. Soft lemon with pink edge. 1.5m
Perfume Delight. Large, double. Bright pink. Very fragrant. 1.6m
Perfume Passion. Large, double, open. Bright pink, lighter edges. Fragrant. 1.5m
Pope John Paul II. Large, double, high-centred. Stark white. Good fragrance. 1.5m
Prince de Bulgarie. (1900). Large, double, cupped. Flesh pink, centre salmon, yellow base. 1.5m. An extremely rare old pernetiana from Joseph Pernet-Ducher.
Queen Elizabeth. Medium, double, cupped; clear mid pink. Very tall. 2m+
Radiance. (1908). Large, double. Rose pink, paler reverse. Strong damask scent. 1.6m
Royal Highness. Large, double, well-formed, blush pink. Good for exhibition. 1.5m
Serenity. (syn. CHEwalma) From our Chris Warner collection. Medium to large, double, open. Soft apricot yellow, edging pink, paler overtones. Vigorous. 1.8m
*Shirley’s Rose. New Australian-raised from Bruce Brundrett and named for his late wife. Large, double. Soft apricot pink with lighter tones. 1.5m. A prize-winning 2016 release.
Shot Silk. (1924). Large, loosely double. Warm pink, gold base. Very fragrant. 1.5m 
Signature. Large, double, high-centred, exhibition style. Deep pink, reverse paler. 1.5m 
Sir Donald Bradman. Large, double. Crimson red. 1.5m.
Soul Sister. Large, double, well-formed. Latte coffee colour. 1.2m
Souvenir du President Carnot. (1894)  Large, double, strong flesh pink 1.5m
Spirit of Peace. Large, double. Honey, buff and pink shades. Strong aniseed scent. 1.6m
Summer Sun. Large, double. Soft orange, ageing pink. Yellow reverse. 1.4m
+Sunny Sky. Similar colouring to ‘Peace’. Soft yellow, edged pink. Very vigorous. 1.8m.
*St. Brigid’s Rose. Australian-raised from the late George Dawson via John Nieuwesteeg. Large, double. Warm, light, almost salmon pink. Good fragrance. 1.6m
The Children’s Rose. Large, full; Venetian pink; intense fragrance. Vigorous. 1.8m+
*The Wedding Rose. An excellent sport of ‘The Children’s Rose’ with all the attributes, discovered by John Nieuwesteeg. Blooms are creamy white with a soft coffee centre on opening. 1.6m.
The RSL Rose. Large, double. Black-red with yellow reverse. 1.5m.
Tineke. Large, double, exhibition quality form; pure white. No scent. 1.5m
Unconventional Lady. Large, double, well-formed. Deep pink. Good scent. 1.7m
Violina. Large, double, loose; pale pink, centre and margins deeper. Superb scent 1.8m
Wedding Bells. Large, double, well-formed. Deep rose pink with paler tones. 1.5m
White Wings. Large, single. White with maroon stamens. 1.3m Needs some tlc.
Winter Sun. Large, double, well-formed; soft buttery yellow; some scent. 1.5m



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