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Old Garden Roses (OGRs)

Once-flowering varieties are indicated thus (#), and cutting grown varieties like so (o/r).
Roses proprietary to us are indicated thus (p). Australian-raised or discovered roses are marked thus (*). Varieties preceded by an asterisk (+) are sold out for this season.

Old Garden RosesThese old-fashioned beauties comprise early species hybrids, gallicas (g), damasks (d), centifolias {c}, mosses (m) and albas (a), most of which are once-flowering varieties.

Agathe Incarnata. #(g) Large, very double, quartered, green eye. Pale strawberry pink. Good scent 1.8m. Came to us as ‘Nestor’, but its wrong.
Alain Blanchard. # (g) Large, semi-double, somewhat cupped; purplish-crimson, paler mottling giving a spotted appearance. Late blooming. 1.5m x 1.8m 
Alba Maxima # (a). Medium, loosely double; white. Good fragrance. 2.5m+
“Albanian Kazanlik” # (study name, though possibly ‘Krasnaya Kazanlik’ (Red Kazanlik), or ‘Krasnaya Krimskaya’ (Red Crimea)) (d)(o/r)(p) Medium, loosely double, mauve pink, ageing toward crimson. Fragrant. 1.8m
Anais Segalas.#(g)(o/r) Medium to large, pom-pom like; rosy crimson. Scented. Vigorous, spreading. 1.5m x2.5m
Assemblage des Beautes. #(g). Medium, double, bright crimson red with button eye. Foliage described as ‘sombre’ green! 1.6m.
Belle Amour #(d) Medium, semi-double; soft pink. Myrrh fragrance. 1.8m.
Belle Isis.#(g) Large, full, flat; pale flesh pink. Superb myrrh fragrance. 1.5m.
Blanchefleur. #{c}Medium to large, full, cupped, quartered. Creamy white, sometimes tinted blush. Sensational, intense fragrance. Spreading growth. 1.4m
Cardinal de Richelieu. # (g) Large, double, deep purple, fragrant. 1.5m
Centifolia Variegata. #{c} Large, full, cupped; white and lilac pink stripes. 1.6m
Chapeau de Napoleon # (m) Large, full, warm rose pink. Very fragrant. 1.6m  
Charles de Mills # (g)(o/r) Large, quartered; deep crimson-red. Very fragrant. To 1.8m
Complicata # (g)(o/r) Large, single, old rose pink. Scented 1.6m x 2m+
Comtesse de Murinais.# (m). Large, double, white. Fragrant. To 1.8m
Duc de Cambridge. #(d) Large, full. Bright pink. Prone to proliferation. 1.8m  
+Dupontii # (o/r) Medium, single, white in great profusion. Musky scent. 3m+ x 3m+
Fantin Latour# {c} Large, full, flat, blush pink. Fragrant. 2m x 1.8.
Gloire de Guilan. # (d) Large, double, quartered; clear pink; very fragrant. 1.6m+
Glory of Edzell. (Hybrid spinosissima). Small, single bright pink, white eye. Vigorous. 1.5m+
+Hebe’s Lip. #(Hybrid eglantaria). Small, semi-single. White, edged pink. 2m.
*Helga Brauer# (c)(p)(o/r). A new, Australian-raised centifolia hybrid from Neil Mitchell. Large, flat, semi-single. Delicate rosy pink, spotted and marbled pale silvery pink. 1.5m   
*Helga Brichet# (g)(o/r) Large, single, soft salmon pink. An Australian-raised ‘Complicata’ seedling from John Nieuwesteeg. 1.8m x 2.5m
Irish Rich Marbled (o/r) Solitary, small; lilac pink with lighter shades. Black hips 1.4m
James Mason # (g). Large, semi-single; mid to deep red. Tall. 2.5m
Jenny Duval # (g)(o/r). Large, full, lilac pink, purple centre. 1.6m (Same description as ‘President de Seze’), and similar to ‘Duc de Guiche’.   
La Ville de Bruxelles. #(d). Medium, very double, quartered. Pink. Very fragrant. 2m.
Lady Penzance.# An R. eglanteria hybrid. Single, small, coppery salmon-pink. Yellow stamens. Foliage small, dark, fragrant (of apples). 1.5m x 2m
Lord Penzance. # Small, single, pale, warm yellow. Fragrant foliage 1.6m x 2m
+Lane’s Moss # (m) Large, full, soft red-pink. Fragrant. 1.6m
Mme. Hardy # (d). Medium, full; white, with green button eye. Good scent. 2m+
Mme. Louis Leveque.(m). Medium to large, double, pale rosy pink. Some repeats. 1.8m
Mme. Plantier.#(o/r)(a). Medium to large, full. quartered; white. Good scent. 1.8m.
Maiden’s Blush. #(a) (syn.‘Cuisse de Nymphe Emue’). Medium, double. White tinged pink. Some fragrance. 1.5m
Paul Ricault# {c}. Large, full, flat, quartered; deep rose pink. Superb scent. 1.8m
Quatre Saisons. (d) (syn. Autumn Damask). Medium, double. Pink. Fragrant. 2m+
Quatre Saisons Blanc Mousseux (m) Medium, double, white.
Rosa gallica officinalis. #(syn. Apothecary’s Rose; Red Rose of Lancaster). Medium, semi-double, deep pink to rose red. 1.5m
Schoener’s Nutkana.# (R. nutkana hybrid).  Large, single. Clear rose pink. 2m+.
Single Cherry # (o/r) Small, single, purple red.  To 1m.
Sissinghurst Castle.#(g)(syn. Rose des Maures) Medium, semi-double, deep plum crimson. 1.5m
Stanwell Perpetual. Medium to large, double, quartered; blush pink. Fragrant. Superbly armoured, and always in flower. One of the best roses of all time. 2m+.
+St. Nicholas.#(d) Medium, semi-double; rich pink, fragrant. Re-discovered in 1950. 1.6m
Tuscany Superb. #(g). Large, semi-double. Velvety black-red. 1.5m
Violacea.#(g) (syn. La Belle Sultane). Medium, semi-double, deep crimson-purple with lighter flecks. 1.5m



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