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Old Shrub Roses

(#) = Once-flowering varieties
(o/r) = Cutting grown varieties
(p) = Roses proprietory to us are indicated thus
(*) = Roses new to us this season are marked

Old Shrub RosesHere we’ve included hybrid musks and a few other shrubs from that era, some of which are such large sprawling shrubs that they are often used as climbers.

Alice Amos. Small, single, cupped. Cerise pink, white eye. 1.2m
Autumn Delight. Large, semi-double, pale yellow to creamy white. 1.6m
*Babe. Small, semi-double, pale pink, in large clusters 1.3m.
Ballerina. Small, single, in large clusters. Rose pink, with a whiye eye. 1.8m
*Beauty of New South Wales. Small, single, cupped. Magenta pink, white eye. 0.8m
Blue Boy.# Large, double, high-centred, reddish-violet. Very fragrant. 1.5m  
Buff Beauty. Medium, double; buff-yellow ageing paler. Good scent. 2.5m
*Carabella.(o/r) Small, single, in clusters. Cream, edged pink. 1.8m
*Claret Cup (o/r) Small, single, cupped in small clusters. Dark red. 1.2m
Cornelia. Small, double; apricot-pink (more pink in cold weather). Musk scent. 2m
Dettman’s Polyantha. (study name). Small, semi-double. Purply pink. 1m.
Felicia. Large, loosely double, pink, in branching panicles. Good musk scent. Appears to be reasonably short-lived. 1.5m
*Fitzroy Falls. (code name). Polyantha seedling from Mignonette discovered in our garden. Small, semi-double. Pure white. To 1m. New release for 2016.
Fruhlingsgold#. Large, almost single; primrose yellow, ageing paler. Fragrant. 2.5m+
*Gay Vista. (o/r) Small, single, pink with white eye. In clusters. 1.3m x 2m  
Geranium# Small to medium, single, bright red, with heavily pollinated stamens. 2m+
*Honeyflow. Same as Carabella (above), but flowers have smaller, paler pink edge. 1.8m
Lavender Lassie (o/r) Medium, double, lilac pink, in large clusters. Vigorous. 2m+
*Mrs. R M Finch. Medium, double, cupped. Pale pink. Often confused with or grown as Alister Clark’s ‘Australia Felix’, 1.5m  
Nevada. Large, single; white, sometimes with traces of pink. 2.5m
Penelope. Large, semi-double; pale apricot pink, ageing white. Musk scent. 1.5m
Pax. Very large, semi-double; creamy-white. Mild fragrance. 2m.
Raubritter# Medium to large, double, very cupped. Deep rose pink. 1.5m x 2m+
Robin Hood. Small, semi-single, light red, in huge clusters. 1.5m x 2m
Sadlers Wells. Medium, semi-single, silvery pink, edged cherry red. 1.8m   
*Spring Song. (o/r) Small, double, cupped, deep rose pink. Good clusters. 1.3 x 2m
Thisbe. Medium, rosette-shaped, semi-double blooms in a soft, buttery moonlight yellow. Strong musk fragrance. 1.8m    
Trier. Small, double, soft peachy yellow, fading to white. Large clusters. Fragrant. 1.8m
Vanity. Medium, single, rose pink. Large clusters. Fragrant. 1.8m x 2.5m
Wilhelm (syn. Skyrocket). Medium, semi-double, dark red. 1.6m
Wintoniensis. #(hybrid moyesii). Small, single. Soft rosy pink. 2m.



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