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Rugosa Roses

(#) = Once-flowering varieties
(o/r) = Cutting grown varieties
(p) = Roses proprietory to us are indicated thus
(*) = Roses new to us this season are marked

Rugosa RosesWe have separated these wonderful, highly desirable shrubs into a section of their own, as they are both heritage and modern. They are all tough, disease resistant, prickly shrubs with, in most cases, distinct shiny, deeply veined foliage. Many produce a good show of orange red, tomato-shaped hips.

Agnes. Medium, double. Pale amber, centre deeper. Occasional repeat. 1.6m
Belle Poitevine. Large, semi-double; magenta pink. Very Fragrant. 1.5m
Blanc Double de Coubert. Medium, double; pure white. Great perfume. 1.5m
*Bleak House. Medium, semi-double, rich bright pink. 1.8m
Delicata. Large, almost semi-double; rosy pink. Fragrant 1.5m
Esmond Jones (#) Large, single, dusky wine pink. Masses of hips! 1.8m
Fimbriata. Small, double, dianthus-like, blush to white. Fragrant. 1.5m+
*Freycinet Large, double, open. A la ‘Roserie de l’Hay. 1.6m
Grootendorst Supreme. Small, double, bright red. Frilly. 1.8m
Hansa. Large, double. Reddish-purple. Good scent and hips. 1.6m
Henry Hudson (o/r). Medium, semi-double, off white. Fragrant. 1.6m
*Lily Freeman. Medium, single; lilac pink. Slight fragrance. 1.5m
Jens Munk Medium, semi-single, pale rose pink. 1.8m
*Morning Star (pbr) Medium to large, single, white. Good hip production. A very good new rugosa from John Nieuwesteeg. 1.6m
R. rugosa alba. Large, single; pure white. Scented. 1.8m
R. x micrugosa.# Large, single. White, washed pink. Sets interesting, spiky hips. 1.8m
Roseraie de l’Hay. Large, double, crimson magenta. Excellent fragrance. 2m
*Rugosa Joanna. Another interesting rugosa from John Nieuwesteeg and named for a grand-daughter of his. Medium, single, cerise pink. 1.5m
Rugspin. Very large ,single; cerise-crimson. Fragrant. 1.8m
Sarah van Fleet. Many semi-double; silky pink. Good scent. Vicious thorns. 2m+
Scabrosa. Large, single; cerise; all setting hips. Great display. Fragrant. 1.6m.
Souvenir de Philemon Cochet. Large, very full, white. Fragrant. 1.6m
Vanguard. Large, full. Bronzy orange-salmon. Good scent. Very vigorous. 3m+.



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