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Once-flowering varieties are indicated thus (#), and cutting grown varieties like so (o/r).
Roses proprietary to us are indicated thus (p). Australian-raised or discovered roses are marked thus (*). Varieties preceded by an asterisk (+) are sold out for this season.

WatsonianaSome original wild roses collected by plant hunters many years ago and cultivated by nurserymen ever since for our pleasure today.

Rosa banksiopsis Small, single; purplish red, produced mostly singly. 1.8m
Rosa bracteata Large, single; white. Golden stamens. 1.6m x 2m+
Rosa gymnocarpa (o/r)Small, single, pale pink. Small pear-shaped hips. 2m
Rosa helenae# (o/r) Medium, single, white in large corymbs. Summer bloom. 6m+
Rosa x hibernica. # Medium, single, pale pink. Solitary. To 3m..
Rosa laevigata # Large, single, white. Very vigorous. 3m x 6m+
+*Rosa x nieuwesteegiiSmall to medium single, deep rose pink. A repeat-flowering back cross of a seedling from r. willmottiae and r. foliolosa discovered by John Nieuwesteeg in his old garden at Tarrawarra, and named in his honour. 2m x 2m.
Rosa x paulii Medium to large, single, pure white. Known to repeat. 1.5m x 4m.
Rosa pendulina (o/r)Medium, single, purple pink, nodding, flagon-shaped hips 2m+
Rosa roxburghii normalis.(o/r) Small to medium, single, soft pink. Superb, spiky,  yellow hips. 1.8m x 2.5m
+Rosa roxburghii plena (o/r) Medium, full, deep mauve pink, paling to edges. Remontant. 1.5m x 1.8m
Rosa setigera #(o/r) ( Prairie rose). Medium, single light pink. Trailing habit. 1.2m x 3m
Rosa soulieana # Small, single, pale Sulphur yellow, fading to creamy white. 6m+.
Rosa spinosissima. # Small, single, white. Small leaflets. Black hips. 1m
Rosa sweginzowii macrocarpa #Small, single, pink. A superior form from Germany.
Rosa watsoniana#(o/r) Small clusters of tiny, single, white to light pink blooms. A curious multiflora variant with linear foliage. 2.5m x 4m+
Rosa wichurana#(o/r) Small, single white blooms in summer. Very glossy foliage. Usually procumbent, extremely vigorous and fast-growing. 1.5m x 6m.
Rosa xanthina ‘Canary Bird’. # Small, single, bright yellow. 2m x 2m.





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